Nanoclinic : New Frontiers in Medical Technology

18th of Nov 2013, Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre, Level 3, Seminar Room 3, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge

We invite you to participate in this autumn’s NanoForum workshop ‘NanoClinic: New frontiers in medical technology’ co-chaired by Prof Sir Mark Welland and Revd Dr Alasdair Coles to be held on 18th Nov in Cambridge. This half-day workshop is aimed at researchers interested in applying cutting-edge technological advancements to long-standing clinical challenges. The workshop will bring together a growing community of Cambridge researchers interested in expediting the translation of advancements in the physical sciences to practical applications in a clinical setting.

The scope of the workshop will include topics such as:

  • Novel diagnostic tools
  • Biosensors
  • Drug delivery techniques
  • Advanced biomaterials

These new technologies will be applied to grand clinical challenges such as:

  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Immune diseases
  • Cancer
  • Tissue regeneration

Invited Speakers

David Jayne (vasculitis and lupus service)

David Halsall (clinical biochemistry)

David Savage (Endocrinology)

Jayden Smith (neurodegeneration)

Colin Watts (Clinical Neurosciences)

Geoff Woods (clinical genetics)

Tuomas Knowles (Chemistry)

Myriam Ouberaï (Engineering)

Maik Scherer (Physics)

Ullrich Steiner (Physics)

Khaow Tonsomboon, Oyen Group (Engineering)


Silvia Basilico

Jeremy Baumberg

Serena Best

Sarah Bohndiek

Kevin Brindle

Alasdair Coles

Chris Forman

Kerri Gardiner

Cedric Ghevaert

John Griffin

Oliver Hadeler

David Halsall

Tawfique Hasan

Yan Yan Shery Huang

Aga Iwasiewicz-Wabnig

David Jayne

Alexandre Kabla

Clemens Kaminski

Tuomas Knowles

Iosif Mendichovszky

Su Metcalfe

Bill Milne

Tim Minshall

Eileen Nugent

Myriam Ouberaï

Stefano Pagliara

Karina Prasad

David Savage

Maik Scherer

Nicole Scherer

Mark Schiebler

Christine Schmidt

Ashwin Seshia

Sonali Setua

Jeremy Skepper

Jayden Smith

Ullrich Steiner

Khaow Tonsomboon

James Tysome

Alexandra Vaideanu

Jeroen Verheyen

Colin Watts

Mark Welland

Geoff Woods


9:00-9:20      Registration & tea/coffee

9:20-9:25      Welcome (Eileen Nugent and Christine Schmidt)

9:25-9:40      Opening remarks (Mark Welland)

Session 1:

09:40-10:00  Perspectives on nanotechnology applied to glioblastoma Colin Watts & Mark Welland

10:00-10:10  Geoff Woods (Clinical Genetics)

10:10-10:20  Myriam Ouberaï (Bio-Nano Interfaces)

10:20-10:30  Jayden Smith (Neurodegeneration)

10:30-10:40  Maik Scherer (Nanostructuring of Functional Materials)

10:40-11:05  Panel discussion


11:05-11:30  Tea/coffee break

Session 2:

11:30-11:40  David Jayne (Vasculitis and Lupus)

11:40-11:50  Ullrich Steiner (Thin films and Interfaces)

11:50-12:00  David Savage (Endocrinology)

12:00-12:10  Tuomas Knowles (Protein Self-assembly)

12:10-12:20  David Halsall (Clinical Biochemistry)

12:20-12:30  Khaow Tonsomboon (Biomimicry and Nanoindentation)

12:30-12:55  Panel discussion

12:55-13:00  Final remarks (Alasdair Coles)

Organised by:

Eileen Nugent and Christine Schmidt (NanoForum Fellows)