Cambridge NanoForum

Strategic Network of University of Cambridge

This interdisciplinary Strategic Network has been funded by the University to helpĀ foster interdisciplinary research broadly around the Nano theme. It aims to bring together focussed groups of researchers interested in brainstorming the potential of particular topics, spanning groups across Physical Sciences, Engineering, Biological Sciences and Medicine. NanoForum together with other Strategic Networks and Initiatives forms a core of research forefront in Cambridge.
The NanoForum complements the Nano Doctoral Training Centre (NanoDTC) which is focussed on postgraduate training in NanoScience and NanoTechnology. Instead the NanoForum is aimed to support postdoctoral scientists and research fellows in building wider links, and exploring the potential of emerging ideas in Nano. The NanoForum is fostered by a large team of senior champions across the whole University of Cambridge.


  • Deepen and strengthen the network building teams for funding bids
  • Expand the focus hothousing specific fields
  • Act to focus industrial engagement opportunities involving a wide set of researchers and companies
  • Develop a wider vision for interdisciplinary research opportunities for early engagement of young researchers
  • Enhance the impact from Cambridge
    • Effective outfacing showcases
    • Highly “connected community” perception
  • Broaden the connection of Physical Sciences and Technology with the Biological Sciences and Clinical Schools



NanoForum nears the end of its second and final term as a Strategic Research Network – with most of itsĀ strategic objectives achieved.