nCam2012: Small Science. Big Business.

Outward-facing session at nCam2012

Date: 13th of September 2012 (afternoon and evening)
Venue: University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory, William Gates Building, (Lecture Theatre 1 and “The Street”), followed by networking event at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM). DirectionsGates BuildingIfM

Innovations in nanotechnology are poised to revolutionize many facets of industry, allowing radical advances in countless fields and enabling new opportunities for a broad spectrum of businesses. On September 13th 2012, the NanoForum, in conjunction with the NanoDTC-organised nCam2012: thinking small conference, will host an outward facing event to encourage, discuss and promote Cambridge-originating nanotechnologies with potential for substantial commercial impact.
This event will bring together business visionaries, success stories, potential nano-entrepreneurs and other interested players to showcase Cambridge’s nanotech potential within the university and to the wider business community. More details will be available shortly as the programme is finalized.
Programme of the session (for full nCam2012 programme see here):

Session NF.1: Small Science: Big Business
13:00 Keynote – Tapani Ryhänen (Nokia)
13:45 Ken Teo (Nano Instruments)
14:05 Colin Humphreys (CamGaN)
14:25 Kieran Reynolds (Eight19)
Coffee Break
Session NF.2: The Next Big Thing
15:00 Bill O’Neill (Alpha Lab)
15:20 Erwin Reisner (Artificial Photosynthesis)
15:40 Philip Hands (Tunable Lasers)
16:00 Dishant Mahendru (Cambridge Innovation Consulting)
16:20 Krzysztof Koziol (CNT Fibres for Power Transmission)
16:50 Close of Session, transfer to IfM
IfM Building
17:00 Networking Event
19:00 Close of Session

This workshop is organised by Sarah Lubik (NanoForum Fellow).